Our founder, who wishes to remain anonymous, has a belief system that was designed and ingrained in him through decades of sobriety by way of the 12 steps and active involvement in the fellowships of recovery.  He holds the widely held belief that those in early recovery deserve the exact same material possessions, the same respect, care and concern as himself and all others in short and long term recovery.  However, our founder has set himself apart from other providers by following through with that belief.  He has consistently made personal sacrifices including his own property and the gift of time to lend an ear to program participants during all hours of the night.  It is not uncommon for him to spend many hours with a single struggling newly recovering addict/alcoholic. Writing a bio for our founder has proven to be a difficult task in a world of short and sweet.  This does not begin to scratch the surface of a man that has so generously adjusted his entire life around helping others….but it’s a start. 


One Twelve

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One Twelve